Drum Rhythms Uniting Minds & Spirits

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At D.R.U.M.S. we know your free time and leisure activities are important. We offer a diverse range of services to meet the cultural, entertainment and recreational interests of our customers in the Baltimore, MD and the West Tennessee area.     


Whether you are looking to meet new friends or just get away from it all D.R.U.M.S. can help. We facilitate Drum Circle activities for:

* Schools   *Youth Groups & Summer Camps  *Seniors   *Family Gatherings  *Religious Groups   *Sister Circles    *Parties  *Meditation & Healing 

*Child Care Centers *Communnity Drum Circles   *Team Building & more!                      



As you shed the stress and worry of everyday life, D.R.U.M.S. creates an atmosphere for you to enjoy a fantastic time exploring, embracing and sharing your "inner rhythms".

A Drum Circle is more than just rhythms! It's MUSICAL, PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL, bringing people together.

A Drum Circle can be healing to the mind, body and spirit. 

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 Contact D.R.U.M.S. today. drumrhythmsuniting@yahoo.com or 901-486-0373



Weekly Sunday Drum Circle          

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